Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Supertanker Turn : EQ2

It's ultra-short post week here at Inventory Full. In breaking news, the slow-motion train crash that was the SOE/PSS1 deal jumped tracks to a different metaphor today as the ponderous, lumbering supertanker that is Sony Online Entertainment executed the equivalent of a bootlegger turn and sailed back in the direction it came from.

John Smedly announced, via his preferred medium of Twitter, that existing players of SOE games that are migrating over to Prosieben can keep their SOE accounts and stay with SOE.

Full story at EQ2 Wire, with more to come out of Fan Faire SOE Live I'm sure. I'll wait for the fine details and legalese before I throw my hat in the air, but whatever the ifs, ands and buts this has to be good news.

The whole sorry debacle has been a classic example of what SOE does best, namely the wrong thing followed, eventually, by the right thing. For Tunare's sake, from now on could you please just start with the right thing and save us all the yelling?


  1. I wanted to comment here first, but then I realized that the comment got longer and longer, so I decided to make a full post on my blog about it. (Also, I've been slacking again on updates.)

    But: I read this here before I did on EQ2 Wire. Take that as a compliment, if you accept those! :)

    1. I certainly do, thanks!

      I don't generally make any attempt to post "news" but this is one story I have been posting about since it started so I though there might be one or two people who'd appreciate an update, especially on such a significant and very welcome development as this.


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