Thursday, October 4, 2012

Pirates Ahoy! : Pirate 101

Sneak Peak for Pirate 101 is on as I write. Just popped in long enough to do the tutorial, reach Skull Island and take these few screenshots. 

Character creation is a question and answer session very similar to Guild Wars 2. My parents were eaten by a squid and I was raised by the dogs of Marleybone. Tarzan out of 20 Leagues Under The Sea!

Combat animations on the Stork companion were exceptionally impressive. Only to be expected given Wizard 101's similar set pieces. I imagine you'll get to see these hundreds, probably thousands of times so they need to be good!

Ship-to-ship combat is never my favorite thing and even here, in the tutorial of a lighthearted game aimed at a young audience, I thought it was a bit slow and labored. Not sure it can ever be anything else - its always two ships going in circles until one sinks, isn't it?

And here we are on Skull Island. That's a lot of pirates! Looking forward to exploring the Sky Seas with all o' ye!


  1. I only played for a bit but I'm already looking forward to Oct. 15th! I found the naming system endlessly entertaining.

  2. Sir Andrew BirminghamMay 26, 2014 at 2:50 PM

    I am an Admiral in the Armada.


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