Friday, October 19, 2012

I...Can't...Take...Any...More...: SoE

Ultra-short post week continues and I give in! Alright already! Satisfied? Here, see my towel? This is me, throwing it in!

  • EQNext now to be the "largest sandbox-style MMO ever made." Is that including ArcheAge? That's not actually "made" yet, is it? It will be when EQNext ("playable by next Fan Faire" or "this time next year" as we on planet not-Sony call it) comes out. Is this Smed's ultimate apologia for NGE? What's going on???!!!
  • SOE to co-publish yet another MMO, this time with Runewalker of Runes of Magic fame, and it's going to feature not just housing but ""epic structures that defy imagination". That you can build. Not to mention guilds get their own kingdoms. And armies. Oh, and it has 300 dragons, which is just as well since it's called Dragon's Prophet. This one goes up to 11.
  • DCUO is getting housing. Can you say Secret Lair? Yesterday housing was some weird niche girl thing, today it's the new rock&roll. Or something. It's enough to get me patching the darn thing back up again, I know that much.
  •  EQ2 Expansion launches November 13th. Why is that date familiar?
  • Wizardry (Not interested! Not interested!) goes into beta in just over a week. 

There's more but I need to lie down now.


  1. November 13th? It is the "everything must launch on Tuesdays" thing striking again.

    Yes, Storm Legion launches on that date as well, but there are only so many Tuesdays, as I pointed out... or mocked... when people were complaining that Blizz was trying to disrupt the GW2 launch with a big patch on the same day.

    There is no actual US law about launching on Tuesday. They could launch on any other day of the week. Well, except Sunday in certain states, if box sales are part of the deal.

    November 13th does sound very familiar to me in another way. It will be the 8th anniversary of my creating my first character in EQII.

    As for Dragon Planet, how much more dragony can it be? None more dragony!

    1. The whole EQ2 expansion seems to be appearing out of the mist fully-formed. We barely knew it existed a few weeks ago and now it's almost here. I'm used to there being a 9 month build up. I guess it's down to this new "on-the-fly" beta tool the devs have which is supposed to be cutting development time by orders of magnitude.

      I have to admit I am even more excited by the prospect of EQNext now than I already was, but it's pointless getting all worked up now - I'm not expecting to see it until 2015 at the earliest.


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