Sunday, March 11, 2012

Ribbitribbit's Big Party : EQ2

If you play EQ2 you probably heard about it. Zam and EQ2Wire reported on it. TwitchTV livestreamed it.

Sew faster!

I've seen a few cross-server events over the years but this was one of the biggest. I first heard about it when I came home from work one day last week to find Mrs Bhagpuss doing something or other on Guk, a server we've never set foot on. A quick read of the thread on the SOE forums explained what and more importantly why.

Sweetmeats from the mysterious East
We didn't see much of her on Freeport over the next few days. She was grinding writs to help level the new guild or building the playground up on Ribbitribbit's sky island along with half the decorators from Freeport, Antonia Bayle and who knows how many other servers. People from all over the world came to Guk to do what they could for the cause. Some started from scratch on a server they'd never visited before, some paid for transfers to bring their high-level crafters over.

Are you sure that thing's safe?
In a few days they not only built a magnificent playground in the sky, they leveled a guild to 70th so they could add a T3 guild hall. When the presentation party kicked off on the Mara docks at 4pm EST, a handy 9pm in our time zone, many of the crafters stayed at their workbenches and forges, pushing the guild on to 77th so they could add a pirate ship.

The penny drops
I was at the party on the docks taking dozens of screenshots and firing off fireworks.

Who knew Tunare could frug?
After I left the party moved on to the playground in the sky and I came back for another look. Never seen so many GMs and guides in one place. At various times I spotted Feldon from EQ2Wire, Niami Denmother from EQ2Traders (she'd been grafting away at the craft tables all week) and Domino, late of this parish. Even the goddess Tunare put in an appearance.

It was an amazing event. What we all thought MMOs were meant to be about, once. So terribly sad that such a positive, creative community drive was sparked by the terminal illness of a child but at least it may leave some lasting memories and even friendships.

Many congratulations to all who helped and best wishes to little Ribbitribbit and his family.


  1. Awesome pics! I read about this only after the event, wish I had paid more attention to the forums, lol.

    That is what I love about the EQ2 community, wonderful things like this.

  2. Had to link to this story, I was unaware of these news sites for EQ2 so had no clue about this. It's a truly heartwarming story which shows that, in some games at least, there still is a sense of community.


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