Monday, July 23, 2012

What To Do 'Til GW2

Wave goodbye to the Guild Wars 2 beta. There it goes, trudging over the hill with all its belongings in a hankie on a stick. I won't miss it. In the end I logged in just once over the last weekend, when I made that unfortunate and unloved cabbage elf.

I'm prepped and ready for headstart on the 25th, not just the weekend cleared but a whole ten days off work. I know what race I'm playing first (Charr) and what class (Ranger). Second up will be an Asura, probably an Engineer. After that, ABS (Anything But Sylvari).

What to do with the thirty-three days until then?

Well, there's The Secret World, which I'm still enjoying a great deal, although something odd has occurred. I currently have around 130 unspent Action Points and no desire whatsoever to spend any of them. The cap for saved AP is 175 so this is going to become a problem sooner rather than later. It's all getting a bit Brewster's Millions. No matter how much I spend I keep earning more and it's getting harder and harder to think of what to buy next.

It's a nice problem to have but I'm entirely happy with the build I'm using. It does everything I need it to do, l understand it, I'm practiced with it and it works. This puts me in something of a quandary. All I can do with my ever-increasing pile of AP is buy new abilities, but I don't want any new abilities. What I'd like to do is upgrade the abilities I've got, but there's no option for that.

Worse still, if I buy new abilities I can only use them if I drop abilities I'm currently using and there are none I want to drop. I've studied the entire Assault Rifle and Chaos trees and there are literally no abilities anywhere in them that I'd prefer to have over the ones I'm using. My skill wheel currently stands at 8% complete but as far as I'm concerned it might as well be 100%.

When I hit 175 points I'll have to buy something. Can't just let xp fall into a hole. I wouldn't enjoy that at all. My current plan is to go into Blades as an alternative and probably Blood after that but it does feel a bit pointless. I thought the whole "no classes, anyone can do everything" deal looked great on paper but in practice it seems I'd rather have separate characters after all.

The Secret World is likely to take up most of my time until GW2 but there are two more City of Steam alphas, next weekend and the weekend after. I'm really beginning to sour on playing up characters that are going to be deleted. I never really had a problem with it in old-school betas that went on for months but the novelty of making a character that lasts a weekend, or even two or three weekends, has worn right off. Even so, I like City of Steam enough that I'll almost certainly pay another visit, disposable though my time there may be.

EQ2 comes thumping back into the room on Tuesday with GU64, "Qeynos Rises". The Freeport revamp about which I was so nervous last year turned out fine so I'm optimistic for the Qeynos version. I haven't found time to log on to Test and scope it out but Mrs Bhagpuss has and she reports that it "doesn't look much different". I'm looking forward to doing the new Class and Race quests. I really enjoyed the Freeport ones. Also looking forward to the changes to Battlegrounds that should mean no longer having to level cap at 39 if you're looking for a punch-up.

Still no firm date on the Vanguard F2P relaunch. If that comes before the last week of August, I'll be there. If they leave it later then maybe I won't. Depends how deep GW2 is able to sink its claws, I guess. I'll always come back to Vanguard eventually, though, or at least as long as there's a Vanguard to come back to. F2P can only be good for the old girl.

Last and very much not least, Summer has finally arrived. Time to get out and explore the huge MMO I can see out my window, the one with the famously wonderful graphics but no real storyline, and also time to sit in the garden and play Celtic Heroes on my iPod, perhaps. Been meaning to write something about that one for a while.


  1. If you don't want to spend the AP to for the actual skills themselves, you could spend them to get the costume pieces for completing the inner ring segments and the various Decks.

    Personally I like having a bunch of skills I'm not using right now, it gives me more scope to fiddle with the passives in my build, or play about with other weapons.

  2. Well I'm going to have to spend them on something. I thought about the costumes but there aren't really any I'd want to wear. It's not a major problem, obviously. I'd just always rather save a currency than spend it for the sake of spending it. I can't really see why they set that arbitrary limit of 175. What difference would it make if I had thousands of unspent points?

  3. Kind of how I feel about the point system, not much of a feel as far as advancement goes. Kind of feels weird. I still like the one character deal, but it could feel a bit repetitive , I guess it will however you decide to do it though. Spending them for the unlocks is a great idea too.


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