Monday, September 17, 2012

Dragons Vs Airships : GW2

So, I went to Orr. It took me two hours from Straits of Devastation to Cursed Shore, at which point I discovered Mrs Bhagpuss, on her new Charr Warrior, hadn't been representing, didn't know I'd left and hadn't heard a word I'd said as I oohed, aahed and wtf'd my way across Southern Kryta.

We stopped for lunch and re-started.

Take two and as a duo we covered the same ground in twenty minutes. As reported, Orr is all undead all the time. I recognize this theme from several previous MMOs. Really, what is it about the undead? Maximum level means Undead, Dragons, Demons or The Void and that's about it.

Seriously, someone come up with something new.

Still and all it was hella fun. And when a shadow passed over me I looked up, and...

C'mon ArenaNet. Don't tease. If Allods can do it, you can. Let us up there!

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