Thursday, September 6, 2012

Starring Cualli and Sloolap In ...

Back to work means less time to post if I want to play. I do want to play.

Just wanted to mention something Heartless threw away in one of his posts recently:

"there is a fat and happy bonus for killing some of the monsters that haven't been knocked off in a while (I was seeing 40 bonus experience in some cases, 2x what an equal level kill would net in a zone my level)".

This may be in the online manual which I haven't read, but it's the first time I've heard of it. I had noticed the bonus, which can get huge. I was getting 250xp bonus on a 90xp kill in Timberline Falls. I had no idea what was causing it. An excellent incentive to get out there and poke into those places no-one else is using - and there are plenty of them.

There's also a Hint that pops up very early on that says something along the lines of "killing monsters higher than you gives an increased chance of better loot". Push the envelope and you will be rewarded, in other words.

Speaking of Timberline Falls, it's my favorite zone so far for looks and it also has two of my favorite NPCs, Cualli and Sloolap. On the whole, GW2 NPCs are pretty bland but these two are an exception. I really hope there's a back-story.

Not a spoiler as such, just a teaser...


  1. Pardon me but is that a pink crab?? I MUST SEE THIS!

  2. I think most of the pink is from spell effects. Looking at some other shots he's mostly yellow, I think. Hard to tell at the time because he was trying to rip my head off. He definitely has pink legs though.

  3. That must be in the Hinterlands area which level-wise i completely overshot due to crafting/wvw/dungeon exp gains. Its going too fast!!


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