Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Aftermath : GW2

The fires are out. The fighting is done. It's a victory of sorts. Lion's Arch still stands, barely.

Lionguards stand sentry in the shattered shell of the vault. Guarding the money. They have their orders. And their priorities.

The Trading Post awaits the return of the King Over The Water. Or the Charr Over The Fields, should we say.

Vast fragments of Scarlet's shattered Breachmaker lie everywhere, embedded in the rocks, jutting from the water.

Deep beneath the sea the great drill lies still, haloed with flickering auras as stuttering arcs of energy spit from the tip. What these lights portend is not yet known.

Across the city makeshift memorials appear.

To the victors.

To the Missing.

To the Dead.

Some of the messages don't bear reading twice.

Now it's over (is it over?) the mood of the city turns defiant.

These once were pirates. And may be again.

In the camps sentiment is hardening.

There will be consequences. There are always consequences.

Something is stirring.

Something huge and terrible and old.

It's time to come together. No time to fly apart.

Here. See. The real, true heroes of Lion's Arch. If they can do it so can we. Stand strong, Tyrians. Stand together. Darker days are coming. They always do.


  1. Replies
    1. Yes, in about, oh, eight or nine months' time. Count on it.

    2. I am from Brazil... winter here is when you have summer at North Hemisphere...

      The living story second season was hinted at the final "drinking party" instance, they will open a new zone at Maguuma Jungle area. Let's see how much time Anet will need for launch the second season, but I think it will not be too much time. ESO is launching on april and Wildstar is launching on june. Simple market tatics, Anet need bring us something just when that games launch, WoW does it everytime...

    3. Oops! Didn't mean to be hemispherist! And yes, it does look like that way re finally getting some substantial content. They are going to need to do something to stop the ship leaking, that's for sure.


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