Thursday, February 12, 2015

It's An Ill Wind: EQ2

Read into this what you will.

I draw your attention to Feldon's comment six spots in.


  1. Looks like they're already thinking about shaking things up at the wings factory. Sure, the shear operators will be out of a job, but operations will be streamlined, players will get duck mounts, and the ducks will get to keep their wings. Sounds like a net gain to me.

  2. No way.... Amid all the other... things...


    -- 7rlsy

  3. Like Nils Holgersson, you're planning to leave with the wild geese?

  4. Seems like a developer really pissed off at recent changes, taking a dig at their new overlords.

    RIP EQ2 and EQ. EQN cannot RIP because it was never born.

    Nothing to see here, move along...

    1. That was my first take on it. Then I read Feldon's comment and remembered that TTobey, who makes all the mount models, had been supporting the original player-instigated thread until it was closed and a statement made that there would not be any duck mounts because the bunny mounts didn't sell well enough.

      At least that's how I remember it. I may well have got some of that wrong. Anyway, once I'd remembered that I started to wonder whether, rather than a pissed off dev it was actually some kind of expression of new-found freedom. I read it a few times scanning for irony but it's a pretty inscrutable post.

      Then along comes the laid-off PS2 producer to give a very different picture of the lay-offs to the one we all probably imagined. He says "Columbus Nova deserves no hate in all this. They are more like white knights than negative forces here. SOE needed a shake up/new direction, and CN provided that. They have done nothing but been gracious in their new ownership, and they went out of their way to make sure that Devs and support teams that got laid off were taken care of."

      Who knows what to think?


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