Thursday, April 16, 2015

Progression Server Progress : Everquest

Pardon the typos. I can spell. I just can't type.

Daybreak have just published plans for the upcoming Everquest Progression server. In detail. A lot of detail.

It's a very good read. Fascinating, if you like that sort of thing. Which I do. Plenty of topics for discussion, which I expect we'll be having over at TAGN soon enough. I can retro a link in there later. It even has some jokes. 

We get an Open Beta and more polls. If we don't give clear answers the first time we do it over until we do. And you can win a backpack. Maybe several. Whoopeee!

The server arrives in "Summer", which is a lot better than "Soon". It will be called one of these names:

  • Anashti Sul
  • Gorenaire
  • Lockjaw
  • Meldrath
  • Mrylokar
  • Opal Darkbriar
  • Ragefire
  • Yelinak
I'll probably vote either for Lockjaw or Meldrath.  

There was one line that particularly piqued my curiosity:

"A lot of you suggested Quarm, which we like very much... for another purpose". Mmmmm... secret project...

All in all this seems to bode well. The execution appears speedy but not hasty and the way it's all being handled sets a different tone from the way these things have been done in the past. Shouldn't read too much into this stuff, perhaps, but since the transition to Daybreak I have been pleasantly surprised quite often.

D'oh! Now I've jinxed it.

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