Friday, December 16, 2016

Home, Oh Sweet Home : EQ2

What to do when you have plenty of ideas for posts but no time? Picture Post!

The more I've been playing EQ2 of late, the more I've come to realize just how much I love the housing there. Even more specifically, how much I love my houses.

To be even more specific still, my Maj'Dul Mansion. It's stuffed to bursting with mementos, trophies and keepsakes, all of which stir up just the same nostalgic memories I'd get if I went up into my attic and began rootling through the boxes there.

And then there's the effort I put in to gain the faction to buy the deed in the first place. It was my first big house and getting it meant a lot at the time.

It's also my first and only "breakout" house. Placing the teleport pads to open up the roofs and alleys of Maj'Dul was one of the more memorable moments of my MMO career.

It's impossible to do justice to EQ2's housing in screenshots. You really need the full 360 degree field of view.

I have a vague project in mind to make a video of my ratonga wandering through the rooms, recording his recollections of what he has and how he got it. Probably never going to find the time. Or the disk space.

Until then I'll just settle for coming back after each adventure for a sound night's sleep under the desert stars. Home is where the heart is and mine's in Maj'Dul.


  1. Lost half comment above. Anyway, I havent had the pleasure of housing in any game, save for a brief stint in Windstar (and it was fine there. DAOC guild halls were provsbly my favourite.

    1. Comments have been behaving for me recently. I left DAOC long before Guild Halls arrived, as far as I can recall. I don't really like Guild Halls as a concept - too communal. I like a place I can call my own. I'm strongly considering revisiting ESO to check out their housing when it comes.

  2. The ideal Mmo home lets you fill it with momentos of your life and adventures in the game world, right? Does EQ2 do features on player homes? You could do a series of posts on your EQ2 homes, that would be fun.

    1. EQ2 has a very intense housing "scene". It has always been competitive, with a lot of player-run events with prizes, but the whole thing hit a near-hysterical pitch a few years back when SOE implemented an official voting, scoring and awards system. Mrs Bhagpuss was a reasonably well-known and very active builder at the time so I got to hear a lot about the backstabbing, dirty tricks and general deviousness that went on. We did some of it ourselves if truth be told :P

      I think it's calmed down a lot now but I certainly wouldn't want to set foot in that minefield again. I prefer to stick to my own private residences, most of which are either modest, cosy and often very cluttered inn rooms or almost entirely empty prestige homes I acquired by luck or on a whim and never did anything with.


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