Saturday, March 28, 2020

Out Like A Lamb

The trees are in bud, the birds are in song, the sun is out - it's Spring! And here we all sit behind our firmly closed doors. But that's no reason to miss out on all the good stuff, now, is it?

Bunnies! Easter! Chicks! Lambs! Here they come!

When I happened across Pontevedran prodigies Furious Monkey House on YouTube several years back, I thought they must must be one of those internet things but nope. Very much a real, working band. This is their first recording from 2014, tentative and full of concentration as they tell the tale of Little Noisy Bunny as "he wakes up, goes out, to get some carrots".

Just a year later they're bursting with confidence on the magnificently funky When I'm Sleeping and five years on, with countless festival gigs and two albums behind them, they sound like this. I bet the bassist curses the day he decided to put that monkey mask on.

If you're already scratching your head, just you wait. You haven't seen Bunny Racket yet.

Let me quote from their Kickstarter : "Bunny Racket is a live action series that follows the adventures of 'King Bunny' - a guitar wielding, skateboarding, nature-loving rabbit with a passion to share his love of rock ’n’ roll. King Bunny travels the open highways in his old van, seeking adventure, inspiration and collaboration on his quest to create the greatest kids rock record of all time. " Anyone see anything wrong with that picture?

And this is what $50,688 (Australian dollars, that is) gets you these days:

Hey! Did somebody mention chicken?

Ok, now that really is an internet thing. Big Marvel covers well-known tunes using a squeaky rubber chicken. Here he gives Bad Bunny's Amorfada a good seeing to. Why not? Someone has to do it. Oh, they don't? Try telling him that.

Ok. let's get serious. Fun is fun and all that but in spring a young man's fancy turns to...

Girls! Specifically, Girls doing Honey Bunny. I'm not that struck on the tune but I'm a sucker for a supersaturated video.

Of course, a young man's fancy is only going to turn to girls, in Spring or any other time, if he's heterosexual. Anyone wondering how I'm going to link orientation to season here? Obviously you haven't heard Easter.

Easter, a Berlin-based duo, specialize in lyrics you might, euphemistically, call "problematic". My alternate choice from them was going to be Rabbit, yet another Spring double, but the lyrics to that one are arguably even more challenging. And you can hear them.

I get the feeling things are sliding away from me here. It's going to get worse before it gets better, I warn you. No, seriously, I am warning you...

Maybe if we take a break from rabbits, chickens and the holiest day of the year. What was the other thing I mentioned at the top? Oh yes, lambs. That's got to be safe, surely. I mean, lambs...

Tempest Le Mans with A Lamb, there. So jolly and yet so wrong. Maybe it's a metaphor. I hope it's a metaphor.

Alright. Deep breaths. I think we're over the worst of it now. Let's chill a little. You know things have gotten out of hand when someone who sounds like they've been sedated, intoning "Let me be your dog, I wanna be your dog" over and over, counts as a palate cleanser. Say hi to Bunny. She'd love it if you took her for a walk. It's permitted under current rules, I believe.

I picked that one up from a YouTube channel called TheLazylazyme. They have nearly half a million subscribers, me included, and everything they post sounds almost exactly like that. 

Something a tad more upbeat, maybe? How about the wonderful Beach Bunny? Like most people, I discovered her through the blown-up video for Prom Queen (seven million views and rising). I like everything I've heard but then I would. They make excellent videos, too, which never hurts. This one seems oddly appropriate right now. Can't think why...

Mrs. Bhagpuss doesn't usually bother to read my blog. She hears enough of my blether without having to see it written down. If I tell her I posted something from Kurt Vile she'll be over to check it out like a shot, though.

He's got that Neil Young/Grant Lee Buffalo thing going on. I quite like it. I'm not entirely sure Dust Bunnies really count for the Spring theme but we're a broad church. Oh, but hey, there's Spring cleaning! So it totally counts!

Moving back to less familiar territory, I think this next one is called Before Dawn and it's by Astro Bunny. Or it might be Atomic Bonnie. Google Translate offers both. Here's the original

原子邦妮 【天亮之前】官方完整版高畫質

in case anyone speaks Chinese.

Hmm. Another video that feels disturbingly on point. Maybe I should have thought this through a little more carefully....

Too late to worry about it now. Just two more to go and there's absolutely nothing offensive or disturbing about either of them. For given values of offence and disturbance, of course.

Remember John Fred and the Playboy Band? No, why would you? Nobody does. One hit wonders from the 1960s with an annoying novelty number called Judy in Disguise. Guess what? They had more, just as annoying, and one of them was Hey Hey Bunny!

Can't fault the spacesuit chic. Someone in the YouTube comments says it's Raquel Welch but I'm not sure how you could tell.

I saved the best for last. Consider it a reward for sticking with me this far. This is Polly Scattergood and she'd like to invite you to join her Bunny Club. She's got a dog and a gun and she's living in London. People take one look and they run, apparently.

Oh hell, I've done it again, haven't I?

Stay safe!

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