Sunday, April 5, 2020

Lost In The Mail

This is a Public Service Announcement! 

Also doubling as a Blapril advice post, that advice being

"Always remember to check your older posts for comments".

I happened to notice this morning that a bunch of spam comments had made it past Blogger's generally excellent filter. They were all on posts a few weeks old and as I was going through, clearing them up, I spotted a few genuine comments I hadn't seen.

I read them and replied, where I had something to say. I guess if you clicked that little button that says "Notify Me" back when you commented, you'll get an email telling you I finally woke up. Otherwise you might want to go check. I didn't reply to every comment I'd missed, though, so you might just be doubling down on disappointment.

Perhaps more importantly, I also went and did something I should do a lot more often, namely check the comments that are mouldering away in moderation purgatory. There's another piece of Blapril advice:

"Remember to check your spam filter regularly".

Not, like me, once a year. If you even remember that often...

Ninety-nine per cent of it was pure spam, as usual, but I did find a couple of genuine comments that I pardoned and set free.

So, if you posted a comment weeks (or maybe months) ago and never saw it appear, and if you're still reading, which I certainly wouldn't blame you if you weren't after a reception like that, I do apologize. Also I might have replied, if you feel like checking.

Particular apologies to Zypek, whose comment on this post I especially regret not seeing at the time. Anyone who both compliments me on my good taste and says they discovered Dolly Mixture through this blog deserves a shout out!

I only went back to the start of the year. Anything before that, let's agree it never happened. okay?

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