Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Snow Day

This is the barest minimum of effort for the most meagre of placeholder posts but I got home too late from work for anything more ambitious and yet apparently I am now pathologically incapable of breaking my daily posting run, which extends back into the end of July. An intervention may be required at some point.

When I'm in a rush to get something posted I usually fall back on the two old staples - screenshots and songs. Luckily for me, Wintersday just opened in Guild Wars 2. As I type this I haven't even been to Divinity's Reach to check it out but I'm about to rectify that omission as I type.

I'm betting it looks pretty much the same, although there were several changes noted in the patch notes, including a new route for the Dolyak that drops presents in the street (Not a euphemism, for once.) and all the orphans have nice punctuation hats to let you know they're waiting for your quest love.

There are also a bunch of changes to the Toypocalypse event, presumably intended to make it less soul-searingly tedious. Okay, it's not really that bad but the appeal wore off a good few years ago and last time I tried it it seemed like it went on for several weeks. Not sure I can work up the enthusiasm to go through it again just to see what's changed.

People love Wintersday, though, at least when the snow's fresh on the ground. I'm logged in now and the lag is ferocious. There are so many people running around in a frenzy, chattering excitedly it feels like school just let out. Which for all I know it did. Actually, it's probably about that time on the East Coast.

The glare is enough to make you snowblind. I always forget just how overwhelmingly blue Wintersday is. It makes my eyes water but you get used to it all too soon. Like all the other winter festivals in all the other games, Wintersday will be here for a lot longer than my affection for it is likely to last but I'm still always happy to see it arrive.

And that's really just about all I have time for. Let's end with a song, shall we? Got a feeling I might have linked this one before but who cares? It's not like anyone's going to remember, is it?

It's unseasonably warm where I live at the moment but it's going to get a lot colder very soon so here's hoping for a good winter.

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