Friday, August 24, 2012

Sold! : Rift

I do apologize. I came across the following video on a blog I don't usually read, which was linked from a blog on my blog roll. Unfortunately,  I can't for the life of me remember either of them. If it was you (either you) consider yourself credited!

And heartily thanked. If not for that I might never have seen it. This rather ropey video single-handedly shoved Rift's Storm Legion expansion up the Team Bhagpuss must-buy list from "mmmm, maybe" to "hell, yeah!" so I thought I'd mention it here to spread the word.

Here's the YouTube link

Despite the stereotypically humorless German fan heckling out of shot, the abominable camera-work and the aimless faffing of whoever's actually playing the character, isn't that just fricking awesome?

My main complaint about Rift, a game for which I generally have a great deal of time, has always been that there just isn't enough to do that's not fighting stuff. Now there will be. In spades.

With Rift and WildStar hopping on the housing bandwagon in style, EQ2 might finally have competition in the field it's made its own.

I wonder who else might throw a hat into this particular ring? What with all this and Neverwinter too, I have to say I do like the way this is all heading.


  1. Hm, I didn't notice any heckler...

    But... Housing! yay! That is definitely one of the things I'm interested in. I just wonder where all these items will come from. I personally really like the EQ2 system of having a profession that focuses on creating housing items.

    There is one problem with housing: make it too good, and add too many convenience items, and people will hide in their personal instances, instead of the cities. I think that was a problem with EQ2's guild halls to a certain extent. You could put everything you'd ever need into your guild halls: vendors, bank and auction house access, world teleport, crafting stations... many of these make sense as quality-of-life extensions (who wouldn't want to have a forge in their house if they're a master smith?), but there was no real reason to ever go to the cities any more and meet other people. Let's hope Rift knows how to tread the fine line between convenience and a dead world.

  2. Let me raid enemy guild's / faction's dimensions and allow invaders to reign down a fury of siege and destruction

    then I'm sold!

  3. @Professer Heh! That'd be interesting but I get the feeling that's kinda not where Trion are going right now.

    @Flosch Rift currently doesn't have much of a center for people to gather in anyway, although ironically there's one coming in the expansion. But yes, it is a paradox. Make the housing sufficiently attractive and people disappear from the streets; don't make it interesting enough and no-one bothers with it at all. Not beyond the wit of MMO designers to find a middle path, though, I would have thought.


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