Sunday, December 30, 2012

Promises To Keep : EQ2

Beginning the day by reading Tipa's invigorating account of her recent adventures in Norrath hardened my determination to make good on my MMO Resolution. It's not even 2013 yet and I've already spent a morning somewhere other than GW2!

First I had a chat with someone in the guild (yes, there was someone online and what's more they even remembered who I was). Next I patched up Legends of Norrath so I wouldn't miss out on my free packs (SoE recently changed things so that  each month you have to log into the tedious card game that I don't believe anyone really plays or you don't get your freebies - it was worth it too because I got a free Prestige House in one of packs this go round). Then I had to re-allocate all 320 of my AAs (plus Prestige Points) for the umpteenth time. After all that it's a wonder I had any time or energy left to do anything else.

Somehow I did, all the same. I ran through the new Frostfell instance set in a confectioner's kitchen in a New Halas house. The sweets were on a rampage thanks to some nefarious fairy mischief (oops! spoiler!) but I soon put a stop to that. Bits of gumdrop and gingerdread man all over! Glad I didn't have to clean up after myself. That's halfling work!

The sweetmaker gave me a pet Gumdrop that follows me about like, well like an amorphous blue glob with teeth. I was very torn between that and the Gingerdread man dungeon activator but I'll get that on someone else. I plan on logging in and doing the instance several more times before it disappears on January 10th.

I also bought all the new recipe books and made myself some scarves. I think the red one looks magnificent with my blue pirate ensemble.

All in all it felt great to be back. A change is as good as a rest to a dead horse as the old saying goes. Next stop, The Secret World.


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