Friday, October 24, 2014

Don't Eat It All At Once : ArcheAge

Ravious at Kill Ten Rats has a good overview of the Halloween celebrations in GW2 this year. They're the same as last year's only with new rewards and additional Daily Achievements. Since the update dropped on Tuesday Tyrian Trick or Treating has been occupying a couple of hours of my gaming time every evening, a trend likely to continue for a couple of weeks.

I haven't yet logged into EQ2 for the seasonal celebrations but I know that if and when I do  could spend many hours happily chipping away at the candy mountain of quests that have built up over the years. Even little Dino Storm has "numerous quests" to offer - or will have, when they begin on the pedantically accurate thirty-first of October.

ArcheAge's Hallowtide has some very large pumpkins. I sat down in front of one to take a selfie and a dashing chap with a red name photobombed me. I guess I should be grateful that's all he did.

Red names make me so nervous I sat on the wrong side of the Pumpkin.
There's also a quest. Just the one. I did it right before I wrote this. It took me a couple of minutes. I would have gotten it finished in thirty seconds but it was the first time I'd used the auctioneer. He was friendly enough. If a Skritt and a Merloc had a baby (okay, biologically unlikely, I grant you) this is what you'd get.

At this point you could go to your farm or a public farm if you're a dirty F2Per like me, plant some pumpkin seeds, water them, wait a while, harvest your pumpkins and come back (I'm guessing here. I have yet to investigate the agricultural aspect of ArcheAge. I imagine it's something along those lines...). You could do that.

Or you could just buy the Pumpkins from the frogman who just asked you for them, walk five steps to the mailbox, collect the pumpkins, carry them five steps back and give them to the manfrog who just sold them to you. Done and done.

You wouldn't expect much of a reward for that and you wouldn't be disappointed. He gives out sweets, which is traditional, if nothing else.

Whoever wrote the item description seems to have been enjoying himself rather too much.

Oddly, so did I. Sometimes less really is more.

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