Saturday, April 7, 2012

Double Eggsperience! : EQ2, Vanguard, EQ

It's double xp all Easter weekend in EQ2. Also in Vanguard. Probably in EQ as well although I haven't checked. Pirates of the Burning Sea for all I know! Consequently I plan to spend more time playing than posting for once. I have so much going on in all three games.

GU63 lands in EQ2 next week, bringing two (count them! TWO! ) new levels, Prestige Points (AAs with Attitude I believe), a new overland zone, Withered Lands, a new city/dungeon, Skyshrine, and the opportunity to re-gear level 90 characters to the current top-end raid spec just by doing solo quests.

My Berserker on Freeport, the one I made on a F2P Silver account just to futz around with back when EQ2X launched, ended up being the most completed, rounded EQ2 character I've ever had in seven years of playing. He's currently 90/90/316 (that's Level 90 Berserker, Level 90 Weaponsmith, 316/320 AAs if you left your scorecard in your locker). I'm hoping to get those last 4 AAs this weekend before SOE gives them to me on Tuesday.

Wear that thing and you're on your own, buddy!
The whole AA curve is being revamped, the result being that we all get a bump-up in AAs. That already happened to Adventure levels when they smoothed the curve there a year or three back. I don't recall it happening to tradeskills but it may have done. The AA adjustment is because of an unusual decision to set a bar of 280 AAs required before level 90 characters can start acquiring xp to get to 92.

My Beastlord needs five more levels to get to 90. Mrs Bhagpuss has two characters in the mid-80s that have been slacking while she designed and decorated about a thousand houses and another guildie is at 87th so the plan is to try and get everyone to 90 while the bonus xp lasts. I suspect we will be very sick of the sight of Chelsith come Monday. I have a bunch of crafting levels to do on all my otter-trainers, too.

In Vanguard I have a whole clutch of characters working their way up, all of them far too much fun to play to make it an obvious choice which should get focus. I really should concentrate on improving my Raki Disciple's Diplomacy but I can't fit any more scraps of paper in my Diplomatic Bag and I can never find the informants that want what I know.

So it's not chocolate! I'm eating it anyway.
Everquest I don't even want to think about. From my Druid, born on the day the Luclin server launched, which must be over a decade ago, still in the mid-60s and managing about a level a year on a good year, to my Beastlord beached at 84th to my latest addition, a level 20 Necromancer on Fippy Darkpaw, I have far more characters than I know what to do with. I daren't log in in case I create another. That's what usually happens.

Anyway, if I'm quiet this weekend, that's why. No bank-sorting, dungeon-making or decorating, just Kill! Craft! Diplome! It's the meaning of Easter, like they taught us at school. I think. It was a long time ago. I'm sure it went something like that.

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