Monday, September 23, 2013

Through The Keyhole - A Peek At FFXIV's Housing

Thanks to xyzzysqrl of The Forbidden Codex of the Pink Beyond for the tip. I hadn't seen this video of the upcoming housing system before so I thought I'd steal it and take all the credit pass it on.

The outside views are familiar from beta  and my earlier post  (apart from the winking windows) but this is the first look at the interiors that I've come across. Looks very tasteful, for a given value of taste.

I also read somewhere, in a report on some panel or other at some Tokyo Game Fair (look, this is not a news site and I'm not a journalist, okay?) that the update will include all three cities' housing areas, not just La Noscea. Oh, alright then I just googled it and it was the Tokyo Game Show, which also seems to be where the video comes from. This journalism thing's easier than I thought!

Now you know as much as I do, which isn't saying very much.


  1. Gotta admit that looks super cool! :D

  2. I will be shocked if the smallest plots are not at least 500,000 gil. I really need to start making money... I've been hoarding almost all the gil I've gotten from quests and such so far and I don't think it'll be enough.

    Lord help me if they end up requiring rent. I'm awful at making money in MMOs. :/

    1. They have emphasized the "expensive" aspect from the start and I think that, given that FFXIV housing will arrive there or thereabouts alongside EQLandmark, any purchase price over 100k gil will put paid to any chance of either I or Mrs Bhagpuss getting involved.

      I estimate that I have about 95% of all the gil I have received since launch. All I have spent gil on so far is travel and a couple of rings. After a month's play that leaves me with 37k gil. Even at a theoretically achievable ceiling of 100k I would be unhappy but above that it moves into the area of "endgame time/money sink" and I'm out.

  3. The housing looks awesome! I wondered though, how does land get distributed anyways? Can you "run out?" If there's 100 plots of lands and they're all taken, what happens to the late comers?


    1. They haven't said, or not that I've seen, but I am guessing it will work like LotRO and EQ1, with instanced neighborhoods or districts. In beta there was a large gate to access the housing area, open then, currently closed, and inside the area there was another one, closed at that time, suggesting the whole area could iterate indefinitely.

      In Vanguard, which had open-world housing and a fixed number of plots, they dealt with the issue of all the plots being taken by creating new islands along the coast. And yes, Vanguard did once have enough players for housing shortages to be a thing!


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