Sunday, February 2, 2014

NDA? We Don' Need No Steenkin' NDA! : Landmark

Color me astonished. Less than 24 hours after the EQN Landmark alpha began John "Smed" Smedley declared the NDA null and void. That officially makes my Founder's Pack purchase worthwhile right there.

No time to write anything (one in the morning here) but isn't it lucky I loaded up FRAPS right from the start and took some screenshots even though I thought no-one but me would ever see them?

Yes. The answer is yes. Yes it is lucky.

Handsome Devil

Blue Moon
Running Up That Hill
In A Hole

The Whole of the Moon
Red Light Indicates Door Is Secured
Nothing Comes To Mind


  1. My neck would hurt if I had to carry eyebrows like those around!

  2. I was surprised and pleased to read that too. Now if I can just get the game to run and install the latest update...

    1. Heh! Won't help much right now even if you can - it's been down for over 12 hours. Good luck though.

  3. I have to say, I always appreciate you musical references - but then I suspect I'm not that far away from you in age :)

    I was watching Twich streams of EQ:NL trying to work out why they weren't under NDA - now I know. Unfortunately, I was also watching in an atempt to interest my wife in what could be our next MMO, but she was less than impressed: minecraft with prettier graphics, was her conclusion.

    Is there more to do in EQ:NL at this stage than build?

    1. Harvest/craft/build is really all you can do during this stage. Combat/underground biomes should be coming in closed beta.

    2. Heh! I'm glad somebody does, Seanas. As Crowl says, beta should bring a wider variety of things to do. Supposedly we will eventually get access to all the tools used to build EQNext, including the AI controls. If that happens then we could see a plethora of player-made content for all playstyles. For alpha though it's just gathering mats, crafting tools and building stuff.


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