Thursday, May 1, 2014

Is It That Time Already? : New Blogger Initiative 2014

First of May means heavy rain and the start of another round of NBI fun. This year I'll mostly be cheering from the sidelines (not that I have a record of doing all that much any other year).

For those who don't know or who can't remember as far back as last year (comes to all of us in the end), the NBI is an excellent wheeze originally devised by Syp of Massively and Bio Break fame and currently curated by Doone of T.R Red Skies.

The full background is HERE

The introductory page is HERE

The Schedule of Events (yes, this year there are events!) is HERE

If you've ever thought of starting a blog but haven't gotten around to it/had the nerve/known what to do next this is your time! Each year so far has brought some top-notch new bloggers onto the scene (what is this? 1966?). Some started from scratch, others had been going for a while without drawing in the audience they deserved.

If you've been standing around looking at the water there's never a better time to jump off the dock. If you feel you've been shouting into a bucket, let the NBI turn it into a megaphone. Technical advice, moral support, increased page views! NBI has it all.

Wilhelm, as usual, has the best advice, especially when he says this:

"my only real regret as a blogger is that I did not start sooner".

Me too. Don't make the same mistake.


  1. Always look forward to this event. Every year I find someone new who I start following. Too much blogdom is never a bad thing!


  2. I hope you know that I am absolutely expecting you to join for the second poetry slam this year!

  3. From bucket to megaphone - A bloggers journey.

    Has a sort of ring to it. Sure it will make a good blog post.


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