Saturday, August 9, 2014

I Thought He Was Quiet...

Just a quick plea for assistance. For some reason I am having a lot of trouble posting comments on certain blogs.  Where they used to pop up instantly, as soon as I posted them, now they just vanish into the ether.

It appears to be the ones that don't require a log-in to comment, like Keen&Graev and Kill Ten Rats, that are giving me issues. Blogs like TAGN and Healing The Masses, which go through a WordPress log-in screen first, seem to be okay.

Isey at I Has PC (who is having his own problems with WordPress with which he could use some help too) found my comment there had gone into his Spam folder so I'm wondering if I have fallen foul of WordPress Spam Blocker Add-On Akismet. If so, apparently the only way to get back on their good side is for blog administrators to spot my comments in their spam folders and flag them as Not Spam.

If everyone else checks their spam folders as often as I do (i.e. almost never) it could be a long while before some of you hear from me again in your comment threads (yes, there's always a silver lining, isn't there?). Anyway, if anyone does find any of my bon mots languishing in their Spam folder I'd be grateful if they'd flag me Not Spam so I can get back to blathering incontinently across the interwebs as usual.

That's just a guess at what might be causing it, though, so if anyone has any other ideas I'd be glad to hear them.



  1. I have noticed a patter with Blogger at least, where I am logged into Google, choose my Google account as my comment medium, write my comment, click "publish," and it disappears. The window then changes though, and it was "Comment as:" with a drop down. So I suspect there is some non-obvious step I am missing in how to comment on Blogger using my Google account.

    I have just gotten to the point with Blogger where I just copy my text, click publish, watch it vanish, pasted it back in, and then my comment actually sticks.

    1. I used to get that too, which is why I now copy everything to the clipboard before hitting any buttons. If it's a really long comment I copy it to notepad in stages.

      This is different though. I can tell the comments are going through because if I swap to another browser and/or sign in with a different account and resubmit the identical comment I get the "Duplicate comment detected" error. If I change the wording a little it goes through again but still doesn't appear.

      I just posted a long reply to Jeromai's latest post and...nothing. It's very frustrating.

    2. Yep, just found your long reply in my spam folder. Did my part in marking it 'not spam' and approved it.

      Which new blog did you manage to piss off enough for them to mark you a spammer? :)

    3. Thanks!

      Lol, who knows? Actually, I just went into my own Spam folder and cleaned it out and there were about 300+ items in there. I scanned all of them but in the end I ticked the "select all" box and deleted them. I'm guessing that if you get caught in one of those big piles for whatever reason it would be very easy to get deleted along with all the junk and end up getting flagged as Spam that way.

      Although how you get in there in the first place I have no idea.

  2. Thanks for the warning. I pulled one out of the nether. Let me know if you have more things you've said to me that I am missing!

    1. Thanks Murf. I wonder how many "Not Spams" it takes before I get taken off the naughty step?

  3. Replies
    1. I just took you up on that. I think you'll find it in the spam folder! Grrr. This could take a while. I'm going to visit my mother tomorrow. I'll try commenting from there and see if the different IP address makes any difference.


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