Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Goodbye 2014. Don't Let The Door Hit You On The Way Out

Flappy birds come to Tyria - not 2014's finest moment
Everyone and his truckle-hound is coming out with Look Back At Last Year posts or Look Forward To Next Year posts and I was going to do something along those lines myself only there never seems to be the time. Ironic, huh?

Anyway, we all know what 2014 was like, when it came to MMOs. I could link to all this stuff but let's just take that as read :

A bunch of big-money super-spiffy new ones launched and everyone was like- pffffffft! Is that all you got?

A bunch more unfinished ones (unfinished? Some of them had barely gotten started!) slipped out the door on grab-a-buck licences and everyone was like - wait, you took money for that? Geez, man!

Meanwhile the rest of the geriatric old has-beens kept on doing that thing they do. Some of them even spat out an expansion or an update here and there (one of those did pretty well, too, so I heard) and everyone was like - yeah, cool, you still got it brah (that's how they talk on the World Boss train and I like to blend).

We know how to make our own entertainment in GW2
- which is just as well sometimes
Some MMOs closed down, which companies calling it "sunsetting" made no-one feel any better. Some of them started right back up again, legally or illegally or someplace inbetween.

And that was about it. Apart from all the Kickstarting and crowd-sourcing and "You Are The Developer" and greenlighting (WTG Eric!) and Alpha-for-Beta and "Expansions? We don't need no steenkin' expansions!" it was another MMO year like every other year. Alright. Some of that was new.

Not the greatest year ever, then, but definitely not the worst. I played a lot of GW2 and mostly loved it, even though I moaned about it most of the time. Played some EQ2, Landmark, Vanguard, ArcheAge, Secret World, WoW, Everquest, City of Steam, Project Gorgon, few more here and there. Wrote a bunch of stuff about some of them. Took a lot of screenshots. A lot of screenshots...

Next year I plan on doing much the same plus I have a few new ideas. Syp put up a handy little list at Massively namechecking 60 upcoming MMOs for 2015. Might try some of those. I have a few more in mind he didn't list, too.

MMOs over? Don't think so! Not this year. I mean next year!

Oh you know what I mean... Happy New Year everybody!

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