Saturday, August 1, 2015

It Begins: Blaugust

As no-one who's reading this can possibly have failed to notice, today is the first day of Blaugust. Just on the extremely off chance that someone has stumbled on this from Mars or even The Real World, where everyone doesn't already know everyone (even though no-one actually knows anyone, if you listen to the people who know) then here are the obligatory links:

The Driver of this Crazy Bus

The Operating Manual

What's On

For some reason that eludes me I have never read, let alone followed, Belghast's blog. Other people mention it regularly but somehow I've always thought of it as something outside my plane of existence, like ectoplasm or Montreal. Even last year, when I first became aware of Blaugust, I didn't think to participate or even investigate where the whole thing originated.

I did, of course, read a lot of blog posts tagged "Blaugust" and I followed the success or otherwise of the various participants with considerable interest. This year the posts started even before August poked it's hot little head over the calendar wall and it's pretty plain that I'll be participating as a reader even if I don't sign up to post myself.

Not "post myself" like John Cale in "The Gift". That would be weird. Post, myself.


I've rectified my bizarre omission and added Belghast to the blog roll and I look forward to Blaugust with interest. (Is it pronounced Blogg-ust or Blaw-gust, by the way?). I don't propose to enter "officially" but I may run alongside as a fellow-traveler for a while. I don't need much encouragement to post regularly but I certainly could use some practice in writing shorter posts and getting them finished faster.

Good luck to everyone who's taking a run at it this year! Pace yourselves and be sure to drink plenty of fluids!

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  1. I was gonna say, you're not exactly target audience for this challenge - every day is blaugust for you! =P

    This is the first time for me and I never thought I would join, but my blogging juices have really slowed down this year so am hoping to get some of that vigor back. :) And update blogrolls, yeah!


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