Thursday, October 29, 2015

Hot Dog, Jamming Frog! : GW2

By far the most frustrating thing about Heart of Thorns is having to choose between playing it and blogging about it. Since I wasn't expecting to like it all that much and since I also expected it to be very buggy for a good while after launch I thought I'd probably regret taking even the one day of vacation time I tagged on to the weekend to give myself three days to try it out.

Well, now I wish I'd taken a week. It's been very irksome, having to go to work every day only to spend most of the time daydreaming about playing. The last time that happened was probably the original launch three years ago.

By the time I get home the last thing I want to do is spend a few of my precious play-hours writing about playing. Except that's also exactly what I do want to do. There's just so much to say!

But not tonight. In preparation for the upcoming #IntPiPoMo (which, if you haven't heard about it, you can get up to speed at Gamer Girl Confessions) I thought I'd just throw out these pictures of the utterly unexpected and deliciously delightful Jamming Frog.

The entire world as we know it is about to be plunged into oblivion, all sentient races either annihilated or enthralled by the dread dragon Mordremoth. The massed armies of the civilized world have been routed, their fleet destroyed, their forces scattered or killed and what do we get?

A frog that invites you to choose some chords and settle in for a jam session, that's what. Seriously, this is why I play these games. Which is exactly what I'm off to do right now. Thankfully I have a four-day weekend coming up. Maybe I might even find time to do something other than explore.



  1. This must be the greatest thing I've seen in a long while, oh dear! :D

  2. Funny, I was just thinking of Neil Innes this morning. No relation, I'm sure...

    -- 7rlsy


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