Friday, December 11, 2015

1203 Days : GW2

Actually it's a lot more than that. That's just the one account. Factor in six accounts, between myself and Mrs Bhagpuss, four of them played almost since launch.

Mobs slaughtered must be into the millions. World Bosses killed? Well into four figures by now. Chests opened - well, who knows? Thousands upon thousands.

I got Breath of Jormag once. Sold it for 100 gold. Until tonight that was my best drop that I can remember. Technically, it still is.

Of late I've taken to throwing rares into the Mystic Forge in matched fours. Not so much because I want a Precursor. More for the amusement of playing a lottery. And because the drop rate for yellows has increased radically in the last few months. There's only so much satisfaction you can gain from salvaging ectos and selling the stacks.

There's the Mystic Forge daily too, of course. It popped today. I always like to do that one because it's quick and easy and it clears some space in the bank.

I did two accounts this morning before work. Threw in four yellow hammers and got a yellow Krait hammer back. Nice. New skin for one of the accounts. Might use that. Swapped accounts, threw in four yellow longbows and got a yellow longbow back. Basic model. Bleh.

This evening I logged in my primary account and went to The Mists. Took four pistols out of the bank and waypointed to the Forge. Dropped them in. Oh look, an exotic. Nice. Don't recognize it, either. A new skin, then. Looks like a good one, too.

I'd previewed it and noted the Berserker stats and thought about what it might sell for before I noticed the unfamiliar cyan text along the bottom of the tool tip: "This weapon is used to craft the legendary pistol Quip".

Stap me! I nearly fainted. Three years! Three years and I have never seen a Precursor for a legendary weapon, not in my own hand. Not one has ever dropped for me, or for Mrs Bhagpuss, not from all those mobs, not from all those chests, not from the Forge.

Well, now one has. What I'm going to do with it I haven't decided. I offered it to Mrs Bhagpuss if she wanted to use it to make Quip. Quip is apparently one of her favorite Legendary skins. She declined, saying "No, sell it". It sells for around 350 gold but I already have over 3000 gold banked and nothing to spend it on so that's not as attractive an option as it once was.

I don't think Mrs Bhagpuss is any keener on the fuss and bother of crafting a Legendary than I am. Also, nice though both the Precursor and the finished version look in the Preview window, in practice any weapon smaller than a staff or a greatsword disappears into the visual clutter of the game when equipped. It seems like such a waste of time and effort for such a trivial visual flourish.

So, for now, The Chaos Gun joins the ever-increasing pile of "things I keep because I like to look at them every now and again" that takes up most of my vault space. Maybe one day I'll sell it. Maybe one day I'll craft Quip. Maybe one day Mrs Bhagpuss will change her mind and relieve me of the responsibility of deciding.

At least now I can say I've seen a Precursor "drop". That's the main thing. How long 'til the next? Another three years?

Don't hold your breath.


  1. Congrats? ;) You should give crafting Quip a try, knowing how much you hoard, you may already be 80% of the way there. I hear Quip is a really polarizing legendary, and I'm curious if your contrariness falls on the love it or hate it side after experiencing it.

    1. Hmm...curious. Other than the one that makes the annoying horse noises I had no idea any Legendaries were controversial. Not that I've really paid any attention to them after deciding before the game even launched that they were insane. Going to have to go google it now.

  2. Quip is one of the more noticeable legendaries, due to the silly clown noises and big bursts of confetti you unleash with every skill. As jeromai points out, those noises and confetti also makes it one of the more polarising ones, with many seeing it as being way too silly, especially since it's usually seen in the hands of a thief. Nothing like being backstabbed by someone sounding like an entire clown car.

    1. I can see how that might be controversial! I do vaguely remember hearing something about it long ago but I can't say I have ever noticed any sprays of confetti or clown noises around me as I play. Unlike the endless rainbows and unicorns.

      As Jeromai predicted it seems I do have almost everything I'd need to make it, or the relevant currencies to buy what I'd need, except for the one from the Caduceus Manor Dungeon, which, in common with every other GW2 dungeon, I have never even been inside. Don't think I will be crafting Quip all the same. You never know, though.


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