Thursday, November 1, 2018

Shutterbuggin' : IntPiPoMo

It's that time of year again. November. When everyone suddenly decides to prove they really do have a novel in them.

Except me. If I have a novel in me I plan on making sure it stays exactly where it is. I let a couple of half-grown ones escape back in the 90s and they're still prowling around, somewhere, just outside the firelight.

How fortunate that I just discovered a huge stash of forgotten screenies!

Oh, maybe when I retire and the days hang long I might give it a try. Until then I'll stick to something a good deal easier.

IntPiPoMo is pretty much shooting into an open goal full of fish. The aim is to post fifty original images you've created  - paintings, drawings, photographs or, as it will be in my case, screenshots, during the calendar month of November.

For a whole load of different MMORPGs
I post more than that every month. Oh, wait! Except last month I didn't. It was a short posting month, because we went away for nearly two weeks, so I only managed ten posts. And several of those were odd in that I was writing about things I don't play or do play but can't talk about, so I used an unusually high number of images I didn't take myself.

I only posted thirty-four original screenshots in October and several of those barely count, since they were just sections of my characters' stat panels. You can hardly call that a picture, can you?

I'm pretty sure I've never posted any of these before.
Just as well IntPiPoMo doesn't run in October, then, isn't it? In November I have another ten days off work (don't I get a lot of holiday?) but this time I'm not going anywhere. That usually means more posts than average for the month and now I have a great excuse to make them more screenshot-heavy than ever!

Anyway, I heartily recommend everyone who likes to make or take pictures to visit Gamer Girl Confessions and sign up. I linked the page with all the details in the third paragraph but here it is again in, case you missed it.

At least I hope not!

There are even prizes! To quote Chestnut, who runs this thing : 
...your overall prize is the satisfaction that you completed the challenge! However, I am offering a few prizes (again) this year.
  • Grand Prize – Of all participants who complete 50 images, I will be using a RNG ( to draw a winner for a game up to $15 on Steam (game time for an MMO can be worked out if preferred)!
  • Three Other Prizes – Of all participants who complete 25+ images (up to and including those who make it to 50), I will be using a RNG ( to draw three winners for a game up to $10 on Steam!
I certainly wouldn't want to cheat!

 Last year  I won a prize, which I used to buy Early Access to Bless Online, which I then posted about, including plenty of screenshots. The circle is unbroken!

IntPiPoMo is a Jolly Good Thing. Thanks to Chestnut for hosting it once again. Let the cameras roll!


  1. My EVE Online post today has 24 screen shots in it, does that mean I am half way there already? Or do I have to declare first?

    I haven't looked, but I would have to guess that, given my visual nature and need to put screen shots into posts, I probably do 50 a month most months.

    1. You'd have to ask Chestnut but I'd bet it would count retrospectively. I also guess there's nothing stopping someone putting up a fifty screenshot post on November 1st and sitting back for the rest of the month. I would also guess you go well over fifty on TAGN every month - you post more than daily most months and most posts have more than one screen shot.


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