Friday, September 13, 2019

Don't Let The Pigeon Drive The Bus: WoW Classic, EverQuest

If I was on Twitter, this would be a Tweet but since I'm not it's going to a be a very short blog post. (Yes, really).

I was replying to Telwyn's post about the problems he and his friends and family are having, keeping their characters in level range for their static group. Wilhelm's been having similar issues.

I was harking back, yet again, to my EverQuest days, talking about the way MMORPGs in the era running up to and including Vanilla WoW favored the world over the player, when I heard a voice in my head:

You're in our world now.

That was Verant, then SOE's trademark strapline for EverQuest. It absolutely nails the intent and focus of the development team at the time: we made this world. Be happy we're letting you live in it. Don't for a moment think you're in charge.

In 2012, SOE made the transition from a Subscription model to Free to Play. They came up with a more suitable mission statement for the brave new age :

Free to Play. Your Way.™

If that's not the difference between the Classic and the Modern eras, summed up in ten words, I'll eat my hat.

Well, my bear will.


  1. Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus was one of my daughter's favorite bedtime books when she was little. I read that to her many times. When we were recently picking out some books to given to a cousin's young child my daughter would not part with that book.

    As for the post, yes, the WoW Classic thing is about a world that you need to work around, but over time Blizz has made WoW much more pliable to the player needs, as noted in your previous post about the hunt for ammo.

    1. I'm glad someone knew what I was taling about! The book came a bit late for my lot but I see it all the time at work and I've always loved the title.


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