Friday, December 6, 2019

When The Party's Over: EverQuest II

The fireworks have finished. The bunting is back in the box. EverQuest II's 15th Anniversary celebrations are over. Yesterday saw the end of the Dragon Attack event, leaving nothing behind to show it ever happened, except for banks and vaults stuffed with mount and mercenary gear and a hugely disrupted economy.

There should also be two giant dragon statues, one above the Freeport dock in Commonlands, the other on the wild Antonican shore, close by the cloud-scraping towers of Qeynos. Unfortunately, something seems to have gone wrong . The "permanent, impressive statues" (my emphasis) are nowhere to be seen.

I'm sure they'll be back when someone realizes they were included in the script that cleared out the build sites and sent the questgivers back to their workshops. Maybe it requires an update to push the new zone art.

Unless it was all some kind of con trick... Maybe a couple of ratongas put together a balsa-wood-and-canvas mock-up behind our backs as we crafted, then took it down under cover of darkness and legged it back to Temple Street.

As for the left-over dragon parts, of which I have thousands, I'm hanging on to them for now. They're probably useless but you never can tell. I have plenty of room in my Depot so why take the risk?

I've spent more than four hours so far today tidying up my bags. I have a lot of saddles and other sundry horsewear. I also have an incredible amount of storage space so it's just a matter of deciding where to put it all. 

It's confusing because some of it is No Trade, some Heirloom and some fully tradeable. It also comes in several qualities, from Handcrafted to Mythical. Mounts these days have almost as many gear slots as characters and there are a lot of mounts. I'm sure it will all come in handy - one day.

A few of the pieces are worth a good deal of money on the open market. I already sold a couple during the event but I held a few more back in anticipation of prices going up when the supply dried up. That's already begining to happen. I also heard on the beta grapevine that mount gear is scarce in the new expansion so I'm not rushing to sell just yet.

The other common drop from the event was Mercenary gear. Most of that is No Trade, otherwise everything I said about Mount gear applies. I got complete sets of Fabled gear for most of my six max levels' primary mercs, plus spares. Lots of spares. Some of my mercs raised their stats by two orders of magnitude over the course of the event and when they level up and open more slots that will increase even more.

Tallying up after close of play, in addition to the huge upgrades to a dozen mounts and mercenaries, I also notched up
  • 800,000 Platinum from the sales of three items
  • 25 levels on my Beastlord (now Level 46)
  • 28 levels on my Channeler (now Level 49)
  • 48 levels on my Carpenter (now Level 100)
  • 83 levels on my Alchemist (now Level 110, although the final 10 levels came from quests)
It's been enormously enjoyable, particularly for the positive spirit that prevailed for the entirety of the event. I think it ran for just about the right length of time.

We have a short break to get our breath back before Frostfell arrives on Tuesday 10 December with the expansion, Blood of Luclin following just a week later. The main complaint I've heard over the past month is that there's just too much to do. There usually is in EQII.

In other "news", I discovered today that you can sort your bags by no fewer than twenty-one categories. I knew you could drop items on your character portrait and they would auto-sort onto matching stacks anywhere in your bags but I had no idea you could also set criteria at this level of detail.

By complete co-incidence, as I was looking at the sort window I'd just discovered by accident, a conversation broke out in General Chat on the exact same subject. It turns out that you can even sort the contents of your bags into alphabetical order by use of a slash command.

EQII has a plethora of such commands. Some simple ones like /stand are familiar from many MMORPGs but the arcane syntax of the coder pervades the outer regions of knowledge. What would be the chances of finding "/sort_bags 1 name a" by trial and error?

Whether I'll ever get around to setting paramaters on my hundreds of bags and boxes is another matter. Nice to have the option, either way.


  1. I am always pretty diligent about keeping my bags sorted, but it is nice to see that they have some automated ways to sort as well. However, this all becomes moot when I got to sell at a vendor and have to use that interface. I have all of me vendor items grouped in one back, because I always forget you don't sell there from your bags but through a little listing in the vendor window that has its own sort. It does drive me a little mad at times, as I will sell, then look at my bags, then have to go back and sell again to get the items that were hidden way down past all the stacks of arrows in my bags, and then I have to sell yet again because the items visible in the window is so small that it is easy to scroll past an item you meant to vendor.

    So very EQII.

    1. It's astonishing how they can have just about the most sophisticated system in the genre for storage but still have the exact same ui for selling that they started with fifteen years ago. Has it changed at all? I can't remember for sure but it's hard to imagine how there could ever have been fewer options.

      Also (and I don't object to this for an immersion perspective but it's hard to justify against so many other changes that have been made) you still have to go to specific vendors to sell certain things, there's no remote selling (there's remote banking and mail...) and some vendors won't buy anything at all.

      I imagine its a coding issue. They've changed so many other systems over the years they'd surely have revamped vendors if it wasn't going to break the entire game somehow...


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