Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Dead Can Dance

I got so wrapped up in the story, playing Broken Sword 5 this evening, I didn't leave myself enough time to write a post. Which is fine. I had no idea what I was going to write about anyway.

Since I don't want to skip a day, how about a little dance party?  Let's all join in with George Stobbart, our hero, as he gets down to the psychedelic sounds of Jasmine by the Hairy Lobsters. It got to #2 in Sweden. In 1975. 

His dance partner's the broken-hearted, recently-widowed Bijou, wife of murdered gallery owner Henri. He used to be in the band. That's why Bijou's playing their song. 

George thinks nothing of stealing a flower out of the open coffin for his lapel before clipping some hair from Bijou's stuffed dog and sticking it all over his face, just so he can trick the drunken widow into believing her husband's come back from the dead. He wants her to give him the key to their safe. He's so monumentally insensitive he even puts on his disguise while sitting at Bijou's dressing table, using her own make-up and accessories to make the illusion more convincing.

He's such a lovely guy!

That's the tune. Catchy, isn't it? And this is how they danced back then. 

It's how we all danced back then. And now you can, too!


  1. And the dance is The Lifting Frog? Ha! I didn’t know there was a Broken Sword 5. Fun.

    1. It's good, too. If you enjoyed the first two I recommend it.

  2. You danced??

    Me, I have two left feet.

    1. From my early teens to my late twenties I think it's fair to say music was my religion and dance my celebration thereof. Music is still my religion but after a certain point I had to recognize the facts. All my dancing happens inside my head. What my body's doing is something else...


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