Saturday, August 7, 2021

#23 The Loneliest Girl - Princess Chelsea

Original release date: September 2018.

If I'd made the list after I'd listened to The Loneliest Girl very loud in the car as I drove back from London last week it would have placed a lot higher, partly because I'd forgotten how good it is but mostly because I didn't know how good it sounds loud. Listening to music while driving at speed is a singular experience, very different from listening while safely closeted indoors and listening at high volume changes everything, wherever you are.

Like most people, I imagine, my first exposure to Princess Chelsea was through the viral success of the video for her best-known number, The Cigarette Duet, which she sings with Jonathan Bree. That's not on this album, which is the only one of hers I own. I really should buy the others.

The track that got me to add The Loneliest Girl to my Amazon wishlist was the mesmeric I Love My Boyfriend. The combination of the girl-next-door looks, the kindergarten vocals and the nihilistic, amorality of the lyrics sold me hard. I'm such a sucker for lack of affect in a vocal.

The rest of the album is right up there with it. She has tonal dissonances the likes of Nick Cave can only dream of. Or maybe that's just me.

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