Tuesday, May 21, 2024

All In A Good Cauzzzz...

I don't have time for a proper post today but I'd like to get something out there. So, who fancies a quiz about bees?

Gamigo, apparently. According to them, it's World Bee Day and in honor of the event there's a competition in Rift, for which you have to answer fourteen questions about bees!

Why fourteen? Don't ask me! 

What do bees have to do with Rift? Don't ask me that either!

Also, when I say "in Rift", what I really mean is in Microsoft Forms, which is where the link from the Steam page takes you. 

And when I say "answer", of course I mean "Highlight, right-click and select "Search Google", which is what everyone is going to do, although having done it myself, I have to say it doesn't one hundred per cent work for every question.

And finally, when I say "It's World Bee Day", what I mean is it was World Bee Day on Monday. I didn't notice the event was on until tonight.

If you want to try it for yourself you can find all the details including the link on the Rift Steam Community page, where you can win 3000 credits to spend in the Rift Cash Shop, always assuming you a) have a character in Rift and b) are one of the three lucky winners.

Or you can just do it all for fun right here!

1.How many different species of bees are there?

2.How much honey can a single honey bee make in its lifetime?

3.What do bees collect from flowers?

4.How many pairs of wings does a bee have?

5.What color can bees NOT see?

6.Which common insect eats bees?

7.How many eyes does a bee have?

8.How many honey bees can you find in a hive?

9.Who are the members of the honey bee colony?

10.Which of these foods are pollinated by bees?

11.What is the dance called that honeybees use as communication?

12.How wide is the largest bee’s wingpsan?

13.Which family is the honey bee a part of?

14.What is royal jelly?

The actual quiz is multiple choice but really, where's the skill in that? You're just going to Google the answers like I did, anyway. And you're going to have to because I'm not telling you!

At least now no-one can say Gamigo aren't doing their best to keep Rift buzzing!

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  1. How interesting and unexpected of Rift. My partner is into beekeeping and I once read an entire encyclopedia on our domestic bee, truly fascinating stuff.
    For World Bee Day Brian Bilston's poem, The Last Bee, always comes to mind but that one's too sombre for me right now.


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