Sunday, February 6, 2022

Not So Superfast Jellyfish

I now have an underwater mount in Chimeraland, although it's not exactly what I was expecting. It's called a "Pelagia", which sounded vaguely familiar. I knew the adjective, "pelagic", meaning "of, relating to, or living or occurring in the open sea" but I had no idea of the derivation, so I did a bit of research.

There was a saint known variously as Pelagia of Antioch, Pelagia the Penitent, and Pelagia the Harlot, who "died as a result of extreme asceticism, which had emaciated her to the point she could no longer be recognized." She'd also been living as a monk and her gender was only revealed after her death. It's all on Wikipedia if you want the full story. There are are also two more saints called Pelagia, Pelagia the Virgin and Pelagia of Tarsus, some of whom may have been the same person. Hagiography is confusing.

However many Pelagias there may have been, none of them seem to have much to do with oceans or the sea and I couldn't spot any connection whatsoever to my new mount. I don't know why I even mentioned them, to be honest.

I did eventually track down the the true source of the name. It's much less mythical. Purely scientific, in fact: "Pelagia is a genus of jellyfish in the family Pelagiidae." I probably should have led with that.

The upshot is, I'm riding a giant jellyfish. It was a little odd to begin with but I soon got used to it. I only captured it by chance. I was doing some crystal-gathering in the shallows and a couple of very low-level jellyfish floated past. I took a shot at one, expecting to kill it outright but my crossbow bolts didn't quite finish it off. The capture symbol appeared so I got out my bubble gun and suddenly there I was, proud owner of a jellyfish embryo in an egg.

I ported straight home to hatch it, then back to try it out. Long-distance transport in Chimeraland is instantaneous, free and unlimited, the only drawback being it tends to drop you on top of a tower about a hundred meters tall. Then again, there's no falling damage as far as I can tell, so it's barely an inconvenience.

I made the mistake of summoning my jellyfish on the beach. Unsurprisingly, jellyfish can't walk. I guess I was lucky it didn't just die on the spot. I dismissed it and waded into the surf then resummoned it. That worked better but jellyfish also move very, very slowly in shallow water.

Third time lucky, eh? I Dived under the water and swam down a ways, then called it again. Much better, although I have to say jellyfish don't exactly zip along at any depth.

The ocean floor dropped off extremely sharply just a few meters from the shore. Holding my breath, even though the timer is very generous, I'd have had no hope of diving to the bottom. I couldn't even see the bottom. 

Mounted on my jellyfish, all my breathing problems went away. So long as you're riding an underwater mount you have no breath meter at all. If you dismount, as you have to do to mine or gather, your normal breath counter begins ticking down from full, giving you plenty of time to do whatever you need to do. If you should feel you need more time, all you have to do is remount and your breath meter goes back to full again.

The whole process feels intuitive and comfortable. Within a couple of minutes it was as if i'd been doing it for years. I dove down. The water was dark. All I could see were fish. They were everywhere, shoals of them, bright, glowing, beautiful. 

Here and there were much larger specimens, ones you could kill if you wanted or capture if you were lucky. I let them be and kept on going down, into the dark.

And then, suddenly, it wasn't dark any more. Beyond a certain depth, everything just explodes into color, luminous, shimmering, glorious. Coral arches, gently waving anemones, grasslike fronds... and fish. Everwhere, fish.

It felt like being inside a vast aquarium. I spent a long time just exploring and yet I covered hardly any distance on the map. Movement doesn't feel slow but distance is hard to judge when you're clinging to a pink jellyfish bigger than a horse.

As underwater experiences in mmorpgs go, I'd rate it somewhere near the top. I think Guild Wars 2 sets the gold standard, even though ArenaNet have never done as much with their exceptionally beautiful seas and oceans as they could, but Chimeraland underwater will do just fine.

Now all I need is a sleeker, faster mount so I can explore at something speedier than a gentle drift. I have my on a shark. I killed a Great White while I was exploring but sadly no egg dropped. Even if I do net a baby shark, though, I won't be giving up my Pelagia. 

Sometimes it's nice to just drift.


  1. I have a lot of room in my life for a game that lets me explore the seabed on a jellyfish.

    Unfortunately, I'm not sure I have the room in my life for yet another RPG.

    Hopefully getting this downloading and up and running don't take too long. Your write ups have certainly convinced me to try this game.

    1. I hope you find time to give it a go. I'd love to hear what you think!

  2. I too tried to capture a Pelagia, but all them died too soon... then it turned that YMMV (Your Mileage Might Vary) as I landed two white shark eggs in a row (!). Dunno how fast it is but it's not slow.

    Meanwhile my attempts at getting a flying mount have been long and frustrating... my nearest fly mounts are Condors (Lvl 44 to 48) and after slowly and painfully downing one egg (blue capturer required, green won't cut it), it wouldn't show on the egg list to hatch (!?). So I thought, "it's bugged", and captured ANOTHER egg (and 7 temporaries), which also wouldn't show. To keep it short, turns out you can't hatch eggs too much above your player level. Yesterday I was at 39 and succesfully hatched one of my lvl 44 Condor eggs (meanwhile I had hatched a Vultura from a trip to the desert... the thing flies but siting on a bird half your size feels silly. Not an isue with mighty condor!)

    Also I ran onto the absolute worst feature in Chimeraland (worse than the premium materials grind for extra house). The one feature in Chimeraland where some developer fell crazy in love with it and pushed it against all good sense until it's become TARFU.

    Namely, the cash shop, of all things in a FTP game. Not only the shop is a mess of cathegories and tabs with unhelpful names, but it turns that Chimeraland has EIGHT (8) currencies!!

    So, option a: they want you to buy stashes of each 7 premium currencies separately... or option b: there is some meta-currency that can be morphed into other currencies for use (for extra complexity). Don't know and don't care. Keeping track of 8 currencies for use in a messed up cash shop is too much.

    So, dear Chimeraland SEA devs, your game is nice, but your cash shop makes me think that I'm not South Eastern Asian enough... (j/k)

    1. The currencies are crazy and it's not just the cash shop, either. I just made the coin machine the other day and it makes I think five different currencies, only one of which I know the use for. Then there are the ones I get for doing quests or achievements - I can think of three of those without even logging in to check. The Home Shop takes most of those, I think, but I haven't bothered using any yet. As for the Cash Shop, I looked at it once and forgot about it.

      As I told them in the Survey, I haven't spent any money in the Cash Shop yet and as I also told them in answer to a follow-up question, I usually never spend money in cash shops. In fact, in all the years I've played F2P games I have never once spent a single penny in any of them, nor ever felt I needed to. It's why I've always been so positive about the F2P experience - it has always been literally free to play for me and I've had great entertainment for it for nothing for many years now. Ironically, it's the games I pay for, even subscription games, where I also spend real money in the cash shop!

      I'll keep trying for the shark. I also tried a condor but didn't get any eggs. I'm happy with the vulture - my fox looks very funny sitting on top with her legs stuck out in front of her. I have one eg that won't come up in the Hatcher list too but it's an extremely low-level one. Still can't figure out why.


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