Saturday, December 2, 2023

Day Two

Under The Tree - The Water Babies


  1. Crap! I can't see that video!! I had to go hunt for a version I could watch.

    ::listens to music::

    Damn, that's good. I can't really describe it other than to say that it sounds like it's completely acoustic until you hit the guitar solo part (then it still just provides more of a background accompaniment), and that maybe there's a hint of Death Cab for Cutie in the piano providing background twinkles during the lyrics. But that's really damn good.

    1. I hate the region-blocking on YouTube - not that it's YT's choice. It seems particularly unecessary for indie music like this. What exactly is at risk by letting people in other territories stream it? Presumably YT can distibute whatever royalties there would be appropriately?

      Anyway, that aside, yes it's a good tune and an interesting arrangement - also very catchy as a Christmas song should be.


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