Monday, June 25, 2012

Now That's What I Call Steampunk Vol 2 : City of Steam

That title would have worked better if I'd used it when they released the soundtrack, but it was this news item over at Massively today that prompted me to write. To save a mouseclick, Mechanist Games, the studio behind forthcoming steampunk MMO City of Steam is running a contest. If you win, you get:

"an exclusive personalized tour of City of Steam with us, the developer! You’ll get to see and play around the game before anyone else does (major bragging rights)! On top of this you’ll get to talk to us, and bring 2 friends! "

I liked City of Steam a lot when I played the Sneak Peak, enough to post about it here several times. I'm really looking forward to the Alpha, which is tentatively scheduled to start in July.

I'm not entering that contest, though. It sounds like a press tour, which is fine for, y'know, Press. I just want to get into the alpha and help push the game along the tracks to launch. If anyone would like to try, here's the thread you need. So far there are seven entries so the odds aren't bad.

If I understand correctly, everyone who signs up for the City of Steam Newsletter should get an Alpha invite. It's a nice newsletter too. The Mechanist devs seem like real enthusiasts. They like to chat about mechanics and development decisions in some detail, and a lot more informally than bigger MMO houses do. Makes for a more interesting read than the average promo.

I'm not generally one for reading the websites of MMOs that aren't even in beta yet but I do browse this one, on and off. The whole site got a facelift recently and it's rather spiffy. There's a ton of interesting information trickling out about the setting, the races and the world. Already some of the things I felt didn't make much sense in the Sneak Peak are beginning to clarify.

I also notice from the new website that City of Steam has been re-positioned. I am nigh on certain the old FAQ called it either an MMO or an MMORPG. Now its "a massively-multiplayer, steampunk-themed ARPG". I find that somewhat odd considering that one of the things I praised about the incarnation I saw was the slow pace, about the last thing you'd associate with an ARPG.

Whatever it is, I'm looking forward to it. I'll pass on the personalized tour but I'll take an alpha key, please.

(Images lifted from City of Steam website. Didn't think it was fair to use more of my old Sneak Peak ones now they've gone and given the graphics a wash&brush-up).


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