Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Yoiks! It's The Council Of Venice! : TSW

The Council Of Venice - Grocers With Guns

If you didn't know it, The Council of Venice is "like the United Nations, a watch-group that makes sure all of the factions are abiding by the "gentleman's agreement" that allows for the Dragon, Illuminati, and Templars to carry out their secret war by designating both the locations and rules for where fighting can occur and to keep the Secret World from the public" (Source)

Odd, then, to find them running a yard sale. Toting heavy-duty automatic weaponry, their spotless white coveralls gleaming through the Fog, Council of Venice operatives appeared unheralded and unannounced to secure the perimeters of a couple of clapboard bungalows in Kingsmouth and The Savage Coast. Once established they set up to sell magical artifacts, weapons and alchemical contrivances to all-comers. A very welcome, if surprising addition to an area unsurprisingly lacking in normal shopkeepers.

It was at this point that I realized that TSW doesn't appear to have any vendor loot. My frequently inaccurate memory tells me there was some in the previous beta weekend but I may be muddling that up with GW2. Either way, there's none now.

 Things Go Better With Bingo!

Towards the end of the weekend I began to become so fascinated by Bingo and its ubiquity that I found myself taking screenshots of vending machines and posters. Bingo's emblematic of the phenomenal visual, textual and contextual detail in The Secret World.

I just can't stop peering at stuff and taking screenshots. I think they put something in the soda.


My Feet Ache


Maybe I shouldn't have gone for the Converse High-Tops. Style over substance again. If ever a game cried out for arch-support it's this one. I wanted a mount so badly I had to make my own.

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  1. That's awesome! I love that you made your own mounts :D.

    It really is an easy game to get lost in, very much looking forward to next Friday.


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