Wednesday, October 2, 2013


As you may have noticed from the flock of orange dragons appearing throughout the MMO blogosphere of late The Newbie Blogger Initiative is with us once again. Starting on the first of October, it runs in full recruitment mode for the whole month and then sticks around as a permanent talking shop and advice center thereafter.

I'm going to add all the Newbie Bloggers who sign up to the NBI to my blogroll for the month. It's one of those clever Blogger ones that pushes the most recent posts to the top, another reason to follow SynCaine's advice and post often.

Because the blogroll's quite a lengthy and increasingly unwieldy beast I'm also going to highlight the blogs on this post as I add them. Signed up so far we have:

Null Signifier

Thinking Play

The Lazy NPC

Cogitationes Astalnaris

The Vancouverite Videogaming Blog

The Jazz Panda

Lyle's Grind

In Character

Lyirica Heals You

She's All Nerd

Away From Game

Fickle Gaming

Vagabond Worlds

Mysterious Artifact

JVT Workshop

Cheap Boss Attack


The Chindividual

The Cynic Dialogues (Which Blogger won't recognize, for some reason, so it's only here, not on the roll)

Last year's NBI generated over a hundred new blogs and while a lot of them faded quite fast, plenty are still with us today. It's a self-inviting PUG with no maximum group size, so just click on the link and add yourself.

If we get enough people we're going to raid The Internet and see what it drops!

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  1. Thanks for the support! I've enjoyed your thoughts on GW2 and FF14 and I'm looking forward to contributing some of my own!


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