Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tip Your Commander, We're Here All Week : GW2

Last night was another great session in World vs World. Don't take my word for it. Listen to someone who was there...

Still not convinced? How about this?

It really was, too.

Borlis Pass spent most of Monday morning and much of the afternoon trying to take the Keep at Dreaming Bay. While I was writing yesterday's blog Mrs Bhagpuss was in the Lord's Room fighting for the honor of the Yak. I could hear the sounds of battle through the open door. I was itching to put down my blogging pen and pick up my overdecorated bow (I must put a new skin on that thing. Been meaning to do that for, hmm, must be over a year now...) but I stuck to my task.

I needn't have worried about missing out on all the fun. It never stopped. Borlis eventually got their way but we soon kicked them out. Then they came back so we kicked them out again. And so it went on.

The new Season format seems to have acted like a Charr cattle prod on the stolid Yaks. Not only are we out in greater numbers at all times of day, people seem to be listening to the Commanders and even paying attention to what they say. Not all the time, oh no, that would be slavish and Yaks are proud individualists (that's the polite version) but often enough to make things happen with a level of focus and co-ordination I haven't seen for a long time.

When Borlis came back twice more for Bay and beat down the inner gates I stood where I was told and did what I was supposed to do and so did most of the troops. And it worked!

The tides of war change quickly, of course. Things didn't always go our way and even when they did they didn't always take me with them.

Three times, yes, then the long run back from the Waypoint. Still, knowing you did your part puts a spring in your paws. I made it back in time.

Most of the action I've seen has been with Borlis Pass. They are a handful. They move fast and change direction often. Can't help but feel a grudging admiration for their determination, their sneaky plans and their sudden counter-attacks.

Tricksy or not, last night I camped out under the Yak's Bend colors flying from the battlements of Shadaran Hills Keep on the Borlis Borderland and look! There's our flag, still fluttering in the snow-laden breeze half a day later.

With luck by now someone will have turned the treb around and stopped lobbing cows into the Lord's Room. After all, If we're keeping it all week we'll want it to look nice.


  1. Sorry to be slightly off-topic but what's that pet of yours? Looks a bit like a shaved bear. :D

    1. That's near enough on the money. It's called a Murellow, which as far as I can tell is a word made up by whoever created it for the game. It's part of the "Bear" family although I think it looks more like a dog than a bear. It's completely hairless and quite revolting but I've used one for ages.

      All the bears have good survivability and I like this one because it spews out a cloud of poisonous breath on command. I used to use the Arctodus, which looks a lot less disgusting but the special attack didn't seem to do much so when I came across the Murellow it seemed like a better option. Not going to be winning any "Cutest Pet" prizes though, that's for sure.


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