Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Brell Serilis vs Jane Austen : Ever, Jane.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a game developer in possession of a good idea must be in want of a backer. Judy L Tyrer of 3 Turn Productions is such a developer. Her idea, and we must own it a good one, is to create an MMO founded on the published works of Jane Austen; most particularly, that is, upon the settings, customs, practices and characters therein.

To this end she has begun a Kickstarter project in which she invites both Janeites and aficionados of roleplaying games alike to join with her in this noble enterprise. At present the sum raised stands at half that required with no more than a dozen days to go before foreclosure.

The project is already further advanced than many we have seen. Prospective backers can experience a small taste of what lies ahead by downloading a working demonstration of the game, in which they may explore a small (very small) village, send invitations, buy lace and talk with other like-minded investors, should any such persons happen to be about the village at that time.

It is a trouble very well worth taking to watch in full the promotional video that accompanies the appeal. Not only does this offer a glimpse of some of the very many wished-for activities that could not be included in the demonstration but also a charming explanation of the personal experiences that motivated Ms Tyrer's decision to embark upon so ambitious and, as it must be acknowledged, unusual a project.

It seems that in choosing to bestow upon her enterprise its title "Ever, Jane", she has displayed a fine ability to make words do double duty, an ability that cannot but suggest a happy future for the depth and subtlety of wordplay yet to come, should the necessary funding be achieved.

If you, dear reader, harbour any interest in the works of the sainted Jane or yet hold any lingering desire to play out a role, your time could be no better employed than giving consideration to this project : Ever, Jane.

Watch yer backs, though. It's going to be PvP! Srsly!


  1. "Watch yer backs, though. It's going to be PvP! Srsly!"

    This was my first thought when I read the first sentence of the post. I mean why settle for for merely killing other enemies when you can ally with them and crush the very hopes and dreams of your closest and dearest friends!

    1. Lying about other players to destroy their reputation is apparently a recommended tactic. I foresee EVE levels of duplicity and many tears before bedtime.

  2. Wow, that sound interesting and I happen to be a Jane Austen fan!!! This would be amazing to at least try. I've not backed anything before but I might have to change that today.

    It's refreshing to stop by after so long and see that you're still enjoying the games you play and posting wonderful right ups. :-) Happy TDay week if you're uh American.

    1. Thanks! I'm English as it happens so no Turkey Day for me.

      The demo of Ever, Jane is pretty rough but I do hope it gets made, one way or another. It's a good idea and while I wouldn't particularly want to play it myself it suggests possibilities I would like to see used elsewhere.


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