Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I Didn't See That In The Patch Notes : GW2

It seems a very long time ago indeed since we were all voting early and often for Evon Gnashblade or Ellen Kiel. Well, as we all know, Kiel won and yesterday she finally got around to fulfilling that election promise, the one about looking into the Thaumonova Reactor disaster.

Things have been a tad busy on Yak's Bend this week and anyway it's fractals, so I haven't had a chance to investigate yet. Jeromai and Ravious have and they bring mixed reports. I think I might just read Dulfy and watch YouTube for this one.

My time continues to be spent almost exclusively in WvW. Hoping to get a full match report up at the weekend following this intense and thrilling week - that is if the pressure eases long enough as we enter the final round. In the meantime, something strange has been sighted in the Mists...

That wasn't here before. I'd have noticed.

Some kind of sneaky SBI trick, I'll be bound

Can't see anyone...let's just give it a poke...

"Ow" indeed.

All very mysterious. Apparently there was something similar in GW1 and it spawned monsters or treasure or some such. All this one does is knock you backwards and tell you off. Color me intrigued.


  1. They say curiosity killed the cat, Ser Bhagpuss. Perhaps you should touch it more!

    I do enjoy it though when Anet drops random objects without hints.


    1. Charr - feline curiosity
      Asura - scientific curiosity
      Silvari - naive curiosity
      Norn - reckless bravado

      The only player-race I can imagine heeding the warning are the suspicious, cynical Humans.

      And yes, if only they'd do more of this and less of the heavily-telegraphed, waypointed, box-ticking stuff they seem to have gotten locked into doing.

  2. This is clearly a case of :D

    1. Lol! I admit it. I did touch it more than once :P


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