Saturday, August 11, 2018

I Wish It Could Be Blaugust Every Day... Oh, Wait...

Well, we all knew it would come to this eventually. I'm astonished it took this long. Ten consecutive posts of arguable substance. I impress myself.

But now it's Saturday night and I'm tired so here it comes... the screenshot post.

These shots are all from GW2's unexpected and incredibly welcome holiday event, The Festival of the Four Winds. This is my necromancer, who does most of the holiday work. She's green all over courtesy of an extremely sought-after and expensive little doo-dad she got last Halloween.

Here she is, chatting to some nutcase who climbed the highest rock in Labyrinthine Cliffs for reasons he explains but which I've already forgotten. I remember it was something elegaic and mournful. Life is short, then you fall off a rock. Something like that?

I have taken a few other characters there. This is one of my rare humans. Mostly she lives in Lion's Arch and does the "Activity" dailies when they come around. Humans get all the best poses and their armor fits better than anyone else's. I ought to play more humans. Maybe.

There's a party beach in Labyrinthine Cliffs. It has a changing hut. If you go in the hut you can come out wearing a swimming costume. Sometimes there's music and all the sunbathers get up and dance. This is what we call "entertainment" in the 21st century.

I really love this map. I don't want it to go away. I don't want to have to wait a whole year to do this again. Holiday events are great but they should be all the time. That's your cue, Roy.


  1. Welcome to the Shallow End of the Pool where I live, man. I'm hanging in there with my cheeso posts, so I'm counting them as post-y.
    I love these pictures. Everything in Guild Wars 2 is gorgeous. Maybe next year I'll see this Festival myself.

    1. Labyrinthine Cliffs would get my vote for the most gorgeous map they've ever made although my favorites are still the eternally autumnal Ascalon maps.

  2. I've lived by the screenshot post of 10 years. You'll be fine!

    1. Nothing wrong with all-screenshot posts. Probably shouldn't have done two on the same map in teo weeks though... I actually forgot I'd already done a screenshot post on the Festival when it started.

  3. I did not know about the beach and the changing hut. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I have to try this out before it goes away for another year.


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