Thursday, August 30, 2018

My Emptiness

It's the penultimate day of Blaugust and I am the most pushed for time I've been in the whole thirty days so far. Ironically, the moment the event ends I have four straight days of freedom so I will most likely carry on daily posting, making it five full weeks since I skipped a day.

Tonight, though, I got nothing! So have some pretty pictures.

Injury to eye motif. Dr Wertham should hear about this.
I'm even happier I made the effort to get this kite now we have Novelty Slots.
Why are we hiding in the jumping puzzle? Who cares? It's so blue!
Apparently you can tame and ride dragons in Bless - providing you don't mind looking like The Tick.
In Twin Saga you can ride a guinea pig. Is that cooler than a dragon?
Okay. I really need to play Twin Saga again.
I mean, my friends must miss me, don't they?
You got that right!


  1. Damn, I forgot to say "Penultimate" today!

    1. We both missed "antepenultimate" yesterday, which is even better.

    2. When I hear antepenultimate I always have to think of "Have some Madeira, m'dear". Maybe the only use of it in song? Bhagpuss, you're an expert on music, so maybe you know more.

    3. Nothing comes to mind, except that maybe Mick Jagger should have used it in "The Last Time"...


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