Friday, August 23, 2019

Just You Wait 'Til It's Ripe!: Riders of Icarus

Since I mentioned it the other day, here are a couple of shots of my latest Legendary Mount in Riders of Icarus. I now have five Legendary Mounts and a Legendary fighting Familiar. I also have two Heroic fighters. Every one of those was a freebie from Logins.

My bags and banks are stuffed with items that give huge buffs, I've got fifty gold, approximately ten times the amount I've earned through playing, and I have almost 500 Ellun, one of the two cash shop currencies, having already spent several hundred more. All from login rewards

There are five more Legendary mounts, any one of which I can buy with the tokens I'm collecting from the August login campaign. By Christmas I guess I could have all of them.

 It's a very odd game. I must get back to playing it some day.

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