Saturday, March 18, 2023

Street Life

I wasn't going to post today. I thought about it. I didn't have anything I particularly cared to say. Then, it was getting along around nine, I decided I didn't want to skip a day, after all.

I've been playing Backbone since I wrapped up Nine Noir Lives and I've taken a few shots. It's an extraordinarily beautiful world. I thought maybe I'd share.

It's not just a rainslick surface gloss. Each city block reels with depth. Whole lives pass in the glimpse of an open window. Every shopfront tells its story.

Paging through the shots, I wish now I'd taken more. I was too busy watching this world go by. These streets. Filled with life. The city pulses with it. Start taking pictures, you might never stop.

Behind the doors there's more. Much more. Lives lived in the evidence of their own, thick past. If I could I'd show you but I let it all wash over me. I followed the story down and now it's all gone, washed away.

On the strip, everything is neon. Reflections gleaming in the rain.  So bright.

Everywhere, dreams for sale. In plush seats. In smoke-filled bars. In paper twists. Secrets and lies, promises and horrors.

Behind the lights there's a darkness. Broken parks, bleak alleyways, lost hopes, empty bottles, hard times. And in that darkness, only chance and circumstance. Not choice. Never choice.

After what I've seen I need some air.

Feel the wind across the water. Let it clear my head.

Soon enough, it'll all start over. The city never sleeps.

But I do. 

Sweet dreams.

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