Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Southsun Cove Photo Album: GW2

Gets right to the heart of it, doesn't she?

Some girls have all the luck

Sea view without shark (yet)

Well, I'm not going to tell her.

Never ask a Charr for fashion advice.

There must be a 12-step program...

RNG blues. Er, greens. No, wait...

The ground! It's shaking!

Towards a theory of Game Development


  1. That Charr helm. HIDEOUS. Looks like someone took an anvil and smashed it in your face.

    I'm super partial to underwater environments in GW2, and Southsun's underwater areas are some of the most beautiful in the game, IMO (Right up there with the under water areas of Frostgorge, THE most beautiful area in the game)


    1. ALL charr helms and hats are hideous. It wasn't always that way *sniff*

      Don't make me get out my beta screenshots of my charr wearing a Trilby again!


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