Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Potterer's Pictorial Guide to Canach's Lair (Solo) : GW2


  1. I do wonder. This feels about right for about a month of dev work. Really puts in perspective the common knowledge that players will far outpace the devs in devouring content.

    I think Anet's shown us two sides of the spectrum. The Molten facility was probably worked on over the 4 month period of F&F, and it was an incredibly engaging dungeon. Canach's Lair came in 3 weeks, but man it was short. I wonder which method they will continue with.

    I don't mind the 2nd method, really. It's uh, kept me more engaged than the F&F. Most of it is very superficial though (Farm farm farm.) But after this attempt I am incredibly skeptical about Anet's ability to put out meaningful content bi-weekly.


  2. It's working for me but then it plays strongly to the kind of gameplay I prefer - accessible, entertaining, relaxing and repeatable. There were quite a lot of complaints in map early on as people found out how short it was, although judging by the huge crowd at the entrance and the Overflows I kept finding myself in, as usual people were complaining and consuming at the same time.

  3. I done that instance the tow modes, solo and group. Problably I will try it solo with the other 4 toons I have, 4 gold is 4 gold.

    Let's hope that the Queen Karka is more dificult and more engaging. Let's hope that the boss be so demanding like the Ancient Karka was, with a lot of diferent phases of combat.

    They too confirmed that Queen Karka event will be permanent.

    1. About try the solo instance with the otehr 4 toons, I will not try it. I jsut saw there is a patch making the instnace extra chest reward account bound.

  4. As someone who does not go a lot of dungeons in Guild Wars 2, these pictures were pretty awesome to go through!


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