Monday, July 15, 2013

Extract From ADL Labs Report: Celestial Crafting - Illustrated Version (Suitable For Bookahs) : GW2


  1. I've heard tell that there's a chance to get a fused one as well. Hasn't happened to me yet though, and I've been mining ALL the quartz nodes - not just the one at home. :P

    1. I did wonder if there was a "rare" pull. All the other nodes have one.

    2. Just got a fused one yesterday so that confirms it. However that was day... 4-6 of mining?

    3. Ah thanks for confirming that. Last night I got two pulls of a single crystal each as normal and a third pull of 5 crystals, making 7 in total for the day. As far as I'm aware, other resource nodes don't do that, so I thought maybe that was the "rare".


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