Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Mmmm! Tasty Words! : GW2

I've been rather grumpy about GW2 recently. Tonight I logged in, looked at the Achievement changes and got grumpier still.

Then I went to The Bazaar of the Four Winds.

Now I'm not grumpy any more.

Hello, I'm Smelly Cat. You may remember me from the 1990s. And Vanguard.
All breakages must be paid for. In blood.
I smell a subplot.
Or maybe just background color
Look up! Oops, sorry! Didn't mean to scare you - it's not Jormag.
I hate krait. We all hate krait.
Where's my Krewe? I bet we could get this thing working. Whatever it is.
Bet you never thought I'd get even this far. I know I didn't.
Gah! Photo-bombed again!

More coherent commentary to follow at some stage. Possibly. For now I recommend not reading anything about this update at all. Just go and explore.

1 comment:

  1. My personal favorite is the World's Worst Quaggan Comedy Act. =P

    As a jumping puzzle nut, this zone is basically fantastic. Best update in months, imo.


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