Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Now Denial And Legislated Nostalgia

Today's Promptapalooza prompt is short and to the point:

What is a favorite Quote/s, and tell us why.

Wilhelm drew that card. Here's his post.

I have a number of favorite quotes, most of which I've trotted out here numerous times. I won't go back to that well.

While Mrs. Bhagpuss was away the other week I started re-decorating the kitchen. It's a work in progress. When I came to repaint the wall in the picture above I noticed those five tiny frames above the window.

I put those up when we moved into this house, more than a quarter of a century ago. They've been there ever since. There were others scattered around the house but those five are the only ones that survived.

They all feature quotes from what was, at the time, one of my favorite novels, Douglas Coupland's Generation X. I read it when it was first published, in a peculiar, square-shaped edition with huge margins spotted with line drawings and definitions of zeitgeisty phrases
of Coupland's own invention. All of which were dropped from later editions. A mistake.

I was extremely taken with many of these tidy packets of snark. Enough so to take the book into work and photocopy some of the best, then go out and buy teeny-tiny little frames to put them in. I did a lot of stuff like that back then. Still do, when the moon is high.

Re-decorating gave me the perfect opportunity to get rid of the
ridiculous things. The concepts are long outdated, about as zeitgeisty now as Segways or Starbucks. Coupland, whose books once defined a generation, now writes stuff that makes Brett Easton Ellis sound like the voice of reason.

Instead of taking that opportunity I cleaned the plastic glass and put them back up.

They still sound like truth to me.

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