Sunday, November 7, 2021

Another Of Those Thrown-Together At The Last Minute Music Posts Everyone Hates (But They're So Easy And So Much Fun To Do You Might As Well Just Get Used To Them)

I neglected to prepare anything ahead of time for today so I guess this would be the ideal opportunity to miss a post and break that run like I said I was going to do. Only it's harder than you'd think. Maybe another time. I'll just toss out a few tunes I happened across recently, in the spirit of sharing. And a screenshot or two, seeing it's IntPiPoMo

That oughta do it.

Ah, the deliriously lo-fi and exceptionally hard to search for Sales. Seriously, they'd be ten times as famous if they'd called themselves something that's actually like, y'know, a band name. Here with the lyrics in Spanish because that way there's at least something moving on screen. Also it is quite funny that someone thought to put up a Spanish translation lyric video for a song that literally only has one line and that's the title.

Another lyric video but at least this time there are some. Frances Forever is best known for Space Girl, I believe, but I like this a lot more. I love twentysomething nostalgia for teenhood, which makes me pretty spoilt for choice these days. Also, the second song in this post with people talking in the background, another thing I really like.

I'm sure no-one here would use the last song to make snide remarks about young people today but just in case, here's Pete Shelley in 1978, wishing he was sixteen again. I remember shouting along to this when I was all of maybe nineteen and feeling every word of it. Time goes by so fast, however old you are.

Back when I was a young punk rocker we put huge value on brevity. Songs ought to be short. Two and a half minutes seemed more than enough, the Ramones taught us that. It's a bit rich to hear old people moaning because young people have no attention spans. Old people have bloody awful memories of what it was like to be young, more like.  Pinkpantheress, one of the latest in a flood of TikTok breakout stars, makes her point and leaves, which is just how it should be. I do wish people wouldn't just toss tarantulas into videos without any trigger warnings, though.

If anyone was wondering what Darren Cross from Gerling might be up to these days, I can tell you he has a new album out. It's called Distorder and I will get it but I haven't yet. Reminds me a little of Gary Shearston. Not sure how Darren would feel about that.

The Golden Horde are one of those bands you feel you probably should have heard of but somehow haven't. I only found out about them last week. This breaks just about every rule I've been talking about so far - it's way too long, it revels in being the kind of thing old people say they like even while it's parodying the most tedious of those tropes and the first time I watched it I nearly clicked it off halfway through because it seemed like it was going on way too long. I didn't and I suggest you don't, either. Stay 'til the end. It's perfectly paced and it proves that sometimes you need those extra two minutes after all.

And finally, just in case that put you in the mood, here's Bristol's finest, Idles, on their American network tv debut, somehow managing to sound like an unholy cross between the Sensational Alex Harvey Band and Otis Redding. Someone I work with is mates with this lot or used to be. I imagine he doesn't see them much now they're world-famous (ish).

Okay. That should hold us for a week or so. Let's finish with another selection from my extensive, unpublished gallery of shots from extinct mmorpgs. Wildstar, again. Always looked good in screenshots, that one.


  1. I like these posts since it exposes some different artists. Keep em up.

    1. Thanks! The title was intended to come across as ironically passive-aggressive, for what that's worth. The intentional fallacy always applies. Honestly, though, I have no way of knowing whether anyone other than me gets anything out of any post other than from comments like yours or if someone bounces a post of their own off something. Blogging can be a bit like putting messages into bottles and tossing them into the ocean. I like doing these music posts so much though there's no chance I'm going to stop whatever the response is - or isn't.

    I think that might interest you.

    1. Oh thanks for the heads-up! That's fantastic news. Would have been my post for today if I hadn't just spent the last three hours writing one!


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